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Daily Encouragement Moms' Community


Do you need encouragement? Join our group of Christian homeschool moms who care about and support each other. 

Big social media sites are great for some things, but they have drawbacks. DE Moms is powered by Mighty Networks, a tool that connects people without lots of distractions. You can participate in DE Moms on the web or you can download an iOS or Android app on your phone or tablet.

What You'll Find

Whether you are just starting out or nearing the end of your homeschool journey, you'll find other moms who are experiencing similar joys and facing similar challenges. Discuss time management, motivating reluctant learners, staying focused on your most important goals, dealing with health problems, and more.

Here's what you can do in DE Moms:

  • Participate in polls about homeschool and family topics
  • Ask questions and get answers for your specific situation
  • Connect one-on-one with other moms
  • Learn about upcoming homeschool events
  • Read and discuss blog posts by veteran homeschool mom Charlene Notgrass
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Daily Encouragement Moms' Community is powered by Mighty Networks
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